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This is how NASA Mission Control does the impossible, it’s not rocket science, and you can make it your own!  Learn from an executive who lived and led it from the Mission Control Room to the boardroom.  For just one example, watch this talk from a technology conference in New York:

From keynote addresses to workshops, typical topics that leverage Mission Control leadership values include:

Paul Sean Hill TEDx leadership keynote speaker
TEDx Talk at Blinn College
  • Safety and Risk management
  • Incident Response
  • Critical thinking
  • Difficult decision making
  • Leading change
  • Cultural and leadership stewardship
  • Transforming high-potential technical-leaders into executives
  • Developing a team of leaders into an aligned, high trust leadership team
  • Evolving to a deliberately stewarded, high performing leadership culture
  • Transforming an insular bureaucracy into a collaborative, transparent leadership team
  • And topics tailored to your needs
  • Mission Control values and leadership workshop

Read the reviews:

Fantastic presentation.  Great insight into such an extraordinary mission.
James Pettigrew, Director of Operations, Ocean Energy Safety Institute (OESI)

Your presentation was excellent – I was talking about it to various coworkers (and my wife) throughout the rest of the day. Your presentation really drove home the importance of orienting the team (and the organization) around a core set of values, and illustrated how that translates into sound decision making logic… Amazing!
Jason Sibre, Vice President, global financial services firm

You delivered an excellent and thought-provoking talk, and you’re the first of all the speakers I’ve seen to receive a set of perfect evaluations.
John Duncan, Community Training Network

Your words were encouraging and inspiring .
Mary E. Barnes-Tilley, Ph.D, Assistant Academic Dean, Blinn College

Hearing your success story gives me hope that business leaders can be enlightened to a better way of operating.
S. Arlene Dilworth, CPA, CTP, President, Total BackOffice Solutions, Inc.

The triathlon of values, their interaction and results and the process to indelibly imprint them into your organization were all incredibly impactful to us.
Dr. Bob DeGroot, President, Sales Training International

Your presentation to the superintendents and educational leaders was excellent and very relevant to any organization, including school districts. The presentation focused on the importance of establishing a core set of values and trust, and how a change in culture transformed NASA. The story was compelling and inspirational.
John R. Thomas, Executive Director, Region 18 Education Service Center

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Paul Sean Hill leadership keynote speaker
Speaking at the Clinton School of Public Service.  Photo / Jacob Slaton